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The Internet has revolutionised the way people communicate, shop and entertain themselves. The increase in demand has forced most businesses to open online portals that allow consumers to access products and services via the web. While large corporations with millions of dollars at their disposal can hire computer programmers and networking professionals to launch and maintain their website, most small and mid-sized companies rely on web hosting services.

Website hosting companies essentially offer a user-friendly portal that allows you to choose and register a domain name for your website. You pay a nominal annual fee to retain the domain name each year. The company will also upload your website on a networking server and make it accessible to everyone on the Internet. Many web hosting companies provide open source tools that allow the subscribers to design their own websites. Some companies offer custom website designs and search-engine friendly content as well.

There are thousands of website hosting companies across the globe. In fact, the choice can be overwhelming to most consumers. Important criteria for selection include:

Hosting features — Check the bandwidth, web space, CPU and PHP limits offered by the provider. Make sure they meet your needs and allow your website to grow with your business.

Technical support — Choose a website hosting service provider who offers technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once you start working on the website, you may need help with everything from creating email accounts to uploading new information on the website.

Price — Price can be an important determining factor, especially for a small business owner. You may be tempted to choose a free web hosting company. It is, however, important to remember that such companies publish ads on your website which may seem unprofessional. Most of them do not offer any technical support as well. While it is prudent to compare the prices of various providers before signing up for a service, do not compromise on quality.

Customer feedback — Read reviews from other consumers and learn from their experiences before signing up for a website hosting service.

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When researching web hosting companies, you are apt to come across hundreds of companies advertising their services, many of which are located halfway around the globe. While the price may seem right, what happens when you encounter problems the website hosting services offered? Suddenly you’re on the phone talking to someone thousands of miles away who has no idea how to help.

You won’t encounter that problem with Web Drive. As New Zealand’s largest web hosting company with more than 25,000 satisfied customers, we employ a team of seasoned professionals that can provide services and support for the smallest company website to shared hosting and dedicated servers ( for Kiwi companies requiring reliable and proper data management.

When it comes to website hosting services, bigger isn’t necessarily better. Since 1997, Web Drive has achieved unsurpassed innovation and expertise in the competitive, web industry of domain acquisition, dedicated hosting and cloud storage. We employ more web-hosting experts than anyone else in the business, meaning you will not only get local support, you will receive knowledgeable support. Look to the Kiwi company that has won several prestigious awards, including the Deloitte Fast50 and a Hi-Tech Employer of Choice finalist. Web Drive is also New Zealand’s only ICANN accredited domain registrar.

Why search the Internet and contract with several companies when your business can work with a dedicated team of individuals that can save you time and money when managing your domain name portfolio, acquiring enterprise cloud or server management or similar data services. We perform the work so you can get back to the business of running your company.

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When you have been accused of an offense that is classified as a crime, you should hire the best criminal lawyer Auckland has to offer. Trying to convince the police that you did not commit the crime is a waste of time, and may in fact work against you. What you need to do is ask for your phone call and get in touch with your lawyer.

How to Choose the Right Lawyer

Lawyers have different areas of specialisation. For instance, some of them never deal with criminal cases. Others only deal with family law, corporate law or litigation among others. Even criminal lawyers have different specialties. For instance, some attorneys are only involved with ‘white collar’ crimes, others only deal with murders and felonies among other serious crimes. Before you choose a lawyer, be sure to find out if they have handled numerous previous cases that are similar to yours. In addition to experience, the right lawyer should have an impressive track record. Ideally, he or she should have won many previous cases that are similar to yours. The fee charged by an attorney is also important. After all, funds are always limited, so you need to hire a lawyer whose services you can afford.

It is always good to work with someone whom you can trust. For this reason, consider getting recommendations from friends, colleagues, neighbors and relatives – people you trust. Make a shortlist and analyze the pros and cons of hiring each one of them. You can do some background research on the Internet to collect more information before you set up an appointment. The website of the attorney can give you enough information about their services, but also visit third party websites to find out if there are any complaints or compliments about their services.

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