Understanding Car Insurance in NZ

Understanding Car Insurance in NZ

Unlike in the UK, Europe and most of the rest of the world, car insurance in NZ is not compulsory. It is at the discretion of the owner of the car on whether or not to obtain car insurance. However, with this discretion, comes exposure to liabilities in case of accidents. The owner stands to lose not only their vehicle, if badly damaged, but also has to compensate for any third party damage to property.
The ACC and Rego
A keen eye may have noted that the liability, in case of accidents, does not extend to personal injuries but is limited to property damage. This is because of the ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation). In place of compulsory car insurance, New Zealand has a novel system where they utilize the vehicle registration fee, paid on purchase. A major percentage of the vehicle registration fee, or Rego as it is fondly known, is remitted to the ACC. This fund then takes care of any personal injury and support in case of accident, thereby largely eliminating the need for Youi Car Insurance in NZ.
Types of Car Insurance in NZ
Medical care and injury compensation is one of the largest components of the costs associated with car insurance. Having eliminated it through the ACC, the New Zealand government has effectively subsidized individual car owners making car ownership accessible due to low insurance premiums. Consequently, many car owners now opt for either comprehensive car insurance in New Zealand or at the very least, third party car insurance. In addition to the third party and comprehensive covers, one can obtain third party fire and theft car insurance. Short-term car insurance in NZ, are also available.
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Purchase of Car Insurance in New Zealand
By eliminating a key component of any car insurance contract, the government has smoothed the entire process of purchasing car insurance in NZ. Due to reduced variables, the requirements for obtaining a cover are simple and straightforward. Most insurance companies will ask some few basic questions before issuing a quote online. A simple email or phone call will then seal the deal.
No Claims Discounts or Bonuses on Car Insurance in NZ
The good news in relation to car insurance in New Zealand appears to never end. No claim discounts or bonuses earned in the USA or UK are transferrable to new car insurance in NZ. The insurance companies, in doing this, acknowledge that all ones driving history should factor, while assessing ones risk profile. Additionally, they acknowledge the close relationships New Zealand has with the old colonial master and its bigger cousin.
However, there is a slight disclaimer on the positive news. Although the law allows one to drive in New Zealand for up to a year with a UK or international driver’s license, the insurance companies are not as welcoming. Most insurance companies will not provide car insurance in New Zealand to individuals lacking a New Zealand driving license. Those that do, will bump up the premiums by as much as $100. Depending on how long one intends to stay in New Zealand, one may be better served by simply obtaining a New Zealand driving license.
Auckland, the former capital city of New Zealand, attracts higher insurance premiums than the rest of New Zealand. This is because approximately a third of the country is compacted in this small city. Given this heavy concentration of human and automobile traffic, most individuals would advice that car insurance be obtained when driving in Auckland.
The insurancescenario is a heaven for any car owner and petrol head. The ability to obtain coverage at very low and affordable prices means that many have the chance to invest in the acquisition of better vehicles and to their maintenance. With the combined security of the ACC and affordable car insurance in New Zealand, driving is truly heavenly.

Car Insurance

Car Insurance

Many people have the false assumption that they do not need car insurance. Although there are times in which it appears that car insurance is money being paid for nothing, no one knows when an accident may happen. Therefore, it is important to always keep car insurance on any motor vehicle that is driven. With so many different types of car insurance, many people have a difficult time choosing the type that is best for them. However, there are three main types of car insurance. Choosing the right one will be dependent upon the driver’s needs and financial situation.

Comprehensive Coverage
The most expensive type of Car Insurance NZ coverage is comprehensive insurance. Comprehensive coverage will not only cover a vehicle that is involved in an accident, but it will cover the vehicle for many different types of situations. For example, if a vehicle is stolen, then comprehensive coverage will cover the theft to have the vehicle replaced. Additionally, if the vehicle is vandalized or is damaged from a natural disaster, it will also be covered in those situations. It is important to remember that comprehensive coverage is not needed if the car is not worth much.

Liability Coverage
Liability coverage is also a popular type of car insurance coverage. With liability coverage, the car owner will have the least expensive type of car insurance. Liability is the minimum type of car insurance required for all vehicles. With liability coverage, the other driver’s vehicle will be covered in the event of an accident; however, the other car will not be covered. If a car is not worth much, then liability coverage is the best type of insurance coverage to purchase. However, if the car owner still owes money on the car loan, then he or she cannot simply settle for liability coverage. Additional coverage must be purchased.

Collision Coverage
Collision coverage is also a popular type of car insurance coverage. Collision coverage allows the driver’s vehicle to be covered if it is damaged in an accident. Collision coverage is more expensive than liability coverage, but in most cases, it is cheaper than comprehensive coverage. If the owner still owes money on the car loan, the collision coverage is the minimum type of coverage that must be purchased. Collision coverage is great for a new vehicle.

There are other types of car insurance, but the three listed above are the most popular. Additional types of insurance may include uninsured coverage and personal injury protection. Uninsured coverage will pay for the vehicle if the other driver is not insured. This allows the driver to know that his or her vehicle will be covered with any type of accident. Personal injury protection protects the driver from lawsuits if someone is injured because of an accident.

Car insurance is extremely important, and in a lot of cases, it is the law. Therefore, when it is time to purchase car insurance, people should consider their options wisely.

Car Insurance In NZ

Car Insurance In NZ

If you are looking for a car insurance NZ company to insure your vehicle, there are some specific topics you should understand so that you can get the best coverage possible at the cheapest rate. Car insurance in NZ is not legally required but is an ideal investment to insure you from financial loss in the event of an auto accident.

An insurance policy is a legal contract between an insurance company and the policyholder, which would be you. In exchange for a premium payment, usually paid monthly or annually, the car insurance NZ company agrees to pay for your losses in the event of an auto accident as defined in your policy agreement.

Each Youi Car Insurance NZ policy has three main types of coverage. Let’s take a look at each one of these below.

Property Coverage – This type of coverage pays for damage or theft of your vehicle. This also covers any damage you due to objects, such as traffic lights or guard rails.

Liability Coverage – In the event that you are found at fault for an accident, liability coverage takes care of your legal responsibility to the other vehicles involved. This includes both property damage and bodily damage to third party individuals.

Medical Coverage – This type of car insurance NZ coverage can be just for the other individual you are at fault for injuring or it could include both you and the other injured party. Medical coverage pays for treatment, rehabilitation, lost wages, and funeral expenses as a result of an accident.

Before you decide on any car insurance NZ policy, you should take a look at the coverage limits for each one of these areas. Realize that any costs that result from an accident which you cause that exceed these limits you will have to pay out of pocket for.

Now that you understand what is outlined in each car insurance in NZ policy, it’s time to take a look at the different levels of coverage that you can get. Your financial situation and the type of vehicle you own will help decide which level of insurance is optimal for your driving.

Comprehensive Coverage – This type of car insurance NZ coverage will provide you with repair or replacement costs up to the market value of your vehicle in the event that damage occurs. This covers your vehicle in the event that you are found at fault for an accident. This type of coverage also pays for the damages to other vehicles that you hit during the accident.

Third Party, Fire And Theft Coverage – This car insurance NZ policy will take care of damages to other people’s vehicle that you damaged during an auto accident. In addition, this policy will cover any fire or theft damage that occurs to your vehicle.

Third Party – This car insurance NZ type is the cheapest on the market. It covers any damage that you do to other people’s vehicle. This doesn’t cover any damages that occur to your vehicle.